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Hi and welcome to GlidingSchool.com.  The aim of this site is to assist new pilots reach solo and then go on and complete their Bronze exam and Cross Country Endorsement.

All the quizzes shown on the right are taken from the original BGA papers; the benefit of using these quizzes is that the answers (and sometimes the questions) are moved around each time you take the quiz so that you don’t get into the habit of knowing that “the answer to question 2 in Air Law is B”.

I’ve had a lot of great feedback over the years but that’s not to say that the site is perfect.  If there’s something missing that you would like to see then just let me know.


I’m about to start a major update of the site to take into account the new rule changes and also – hopefully – to re-format the quiz questions in line with the new BGA EASA-compliant exam structure.

As part of that I’m also looking at how to improve the site to make it more useful for people using it. Rather than go down a rabbit hole and develop stuff that people won’t use I thought the best thing to do would be to ask you – what would you like to see on the site to make it better?

For example, would you like to see some instructional presentations explaining elements of gliding?  How about some technical stuff about how instruments work?  Practical hints and tips about better flying?  A forum area for people to discuss their progress?  Equipment reviews?

Please use the contact form on the site to let me know f you have any ideas.  I can’t promise that they will materialise but I’ll do my best to see f I can make them happen.



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