Recommended reading and other products


Below are a list of useful reference books and a few other products that might help your flying or be of interest to you as a glider pilot.

The products shown here are ones that I have used and can recommend personally.  Others are available but I’ve kept the list short and to the point.


This book is a little bit technical when you’re first getting into details of the science of gliding but as your knowledge grows it will be a useful reference book for a deeper understanding of how and why a glider (and everything in it) works.

Picture Bronze and beyond book cover









A glider pilot’s guide

John must have had the Bronze syllabus next to him as he wrote this book! It provides exactly what you need for passing your Bronze exam (and Cross Country Endorsement) with little additional ‘fluff’ or extraneous material to distract you. An excellent book.  Click here to buy.

To my mind this is the best glider simulator available – no arguments. With the additional (free) textured scenery files you can practice cross-country flying using proper navigation techniques. Also good for winter training of spins, stalls and other ‘testing the envelope’ flying – especially with a force-feedback joystick and proper pedals.

Learn from possibly the most famous glider pilot and instructor ever! Derek’s books are written in an informal style and full of useful hints and tips. I believe this book has been updated from my copy so some of the graphics (which were simple but more than adequate for explaining things) have probably been updated.

For those frustrating days when you can’t be doing the real thing!

Duplicates much that you will see in the other books but a useful book in itself, written as it is by the BGA and so a good ‘source’ document.

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