Learn to Soar


glidingschool.com delivers gliding lessons for use online and in the Condor simulator.

Gliding lessons take off with glidingschool.com’s online briefings

glidingschool.com gives you the information you need before you take a glider flying lesson. Each glidingschool.com lesson covers a specific topic within the BGA’s pre-solo glider flight training curriculum. Lessons comprise a structured written briefing and a flight demonstration showing how the flight exercise is performed. glidingschool.com tells you what is expected of you during your flight training exercises and shows you how to achieve it.

Lessons here are intended for use by pre-solo glider pilots under the guidance of qualified gliding flight instructors. Used on the airfield, in the club-house or at home, glidingschool.com’s online briefings thoroughly prepare you for your hands-on glider flight training, accessible any place, any time.

glidingschool.com lessons installed in Condor Flight School

The online Lessons are also available as add-ons to the Condor 2 Soaring Simulator Flight School. They provide a full pre-solo curriculum of realistic briefings and flight exercises, so you can learn and practice your glider flying skills on the simulator at any time. Even if you have no intention of flying for real, these lessons will make your Condor experience much more immersive and realistic.

Lessons are available in English and Spanish language versions.