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Pre-Flight Briefings

glidingschool.com briefings provide the information you need before you take a glider flying lesson. Each glidingschool.com briefing, or lesson, covers a specific topic within the BGA’s pre-solo glider flight training curriculum. Lessons comprise a structured written briefing and a flight demonstration showing how the flight exercise is performed. glidingschool.com tells you what is expected of you during your flight training exercises and shows you how to achieve it.

Lessons here are intended for use by pre-solo glider pilots under the guidance of qualified gliding flight instructors. Used on the airfield, in the club-house or at home, glidingschool.com’s online briefings thoroughly prepare you for your hands-on glider flight training, accessible any place, any time.

The Lessons are also available as add-ons to the Condor 2 Soaring Simulator Flight School. This allows additional and realistic flight exercises to be provided, so you can learn and practice your glider flying skills at any time.

Glider Flying Instruction

Gliding lessons take off with glidingschool.com online briefings and Condor Flight School add-ons

You won’t get anywhere near a glider without some personal instruction. If this is your goal, you will need to find a gliding club.

glidingschool.com recommends you seek instruction which includes the use of a simulator like Condor as part of its instruction process. Many clubs do, using real cockpits and large multi-screen displays for a highly immersive and realistic experience. These enable instruction to take place when real life flying can’t. So effective is this form of instruction, that many clubs will take you through a simulator based training program before you take your first real launch. Probably something very much like these!

glidingschool.com Extends Condor’s Flight School

Sim Solo

glidingschool.com’s briefings and flight demonstrations, available here for those receiving real world flight instruction, are enhanced by the addition of realistic training flight Exercises, available as a complete package of Briefing, Demonstration and Exercise, delivered as add-ons to the Condor Flight School.

glidingschool.com lessons installed in Condor Flight School

There you can practise your soaring skills, to gain a real hands-on understanding and feeling for flying a glider. With this experience and understanding of gliding, if you choose, you will be well equipped to progress rapidly in real life lessons later on.

Even if you have no intentions of flying for real, these lessons will make your flights in Condor2 even more realistic and immersive.

More Uses of the Condor Flight School

Anything that can be flown for real can be flown in Condor. Anything that can be flown in Condor can be made available as a lesson… The sky is the limit.

Simulator lessons have many potential benefits:

  • Instructors can learn and revise their patter.
  • All pilots can refresh their skills when real world flying isn’t possible.
  • Site-specific lessons make it fun and easy to learn their unusual circuits and local idiosyncrasies.
  • Remote Instruction is possible, even when flying isn’t. Students and trainee instructors use these lessons in Condor2, guided and assessed by their instructors watching them fly in real-time, from the comfort of their own homes, using Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • Safety is not compromised in a simulator. Easily teach and practice the ‘higher risk’ manoeuvres, such as spins, low level cable breaks and the like.
  • Weather is always perfect in Condor. Exercises that need ‘the right day’ are always available. Get started on your training for Spins, and exercises requiring Crosswind, High Wind, Ridge, Thermal, Wave, etc.

Add your own lessons to Flight School

Condor Flight School’s structure is deceptively simple, and all the more effective as a result. Its implementation allows users to extend it in interesting ways to exploit the benefits of glider flight simulation. The lessons are based around Replays of flights in Condor2. Briefings are added as htm documents, and replays are annotated in real time by simple entries in a txt file. If you can fly it, you can demonstrate it. And that makes it a fantastic way to illustrate any flying lesson to trainee glider pilots as well as the more experienced ones.

The initial scope of the Lessons is the pre-solo syllabus. There is no limit to the type of lessons that can be added to the Condor Flight School. So there is no limit to who can use it, or what they might learn…

glidingschool.com hopes its Condor community will grow to support lessons of all sorts for Condor2. Lesson contributions and ideas for its development are welcome, to be shared by all glider pilots.


Contribute Your Lessons to the glidingschool.com Condor Community

Your extensions to Condor’s Flight School can be shared here. Ideas are welcome. glidingschool.com would be pleased to share any lessons ranging from site specific circuits to special skills.

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