Here at glidingschool.com our aim is to enhance the learning experience of those learning to fly gliders and to provide additional teaching resources to help reinforce what is taught by qualified gliding instructors.

Gliding School has been established by a glider pilot who wanted to provide a central online resource for real world and virtual glider lessons (using the Condor Soaring Simulator system). Providing students with additional learning resources, that can be accessed at any time of the day, will help thoroughly prepare pre-solo student pilots for their flight training and to accelerate their progression to solo.

glidingschool.com provides lessons which comprise:

  • a written briefing describing the key learning points,
  • a video demonstration of the flight exercise, illustrating the key learning points, and
  • an exercise that can be flown in the Condor Soaring Simulator to learn and practise the key skills, also enabling instructor guidance and skills assessment, either in person or remotely.

glidingschool.com makes the lessons available in any place, at any time, to anyone with an internet connection. So, for example, student pilots can brief themselves on their upcoming training flights at home on the day before their training, or at the club during breakfast. Or even on the airfield for a quick refresh immediately before their training flight.

Instructors familiar with the content of the lessons will direct their next student to the relevant content for pre-flight preparation, while they instruct the previous student in-flight. On return the instructor will assess the next student’s understanding of their upcoming lesson, saving themselves considerable time before their flight together.

glidingschool.com gives clubs with access to a Condor simulator a complete and consistent set of briefings, demonstrations and exercises to be flown in Condor’s Flight School under instructor supervision. These will support daily briefings for one or more trainees, through to providing the material needed to deliver a complete pre-solo course to a whole class of trainees.

Simulator based instruction enables training to take place at any time, even when real-life flying is not possible. glidingschool.com provides the material to enable such instruction to take place at short notice, in a consistent and comprehensive way, with minimal preparation required beforehand. This may well broaden the appeal and encourage more instructors to deliver simulator based training when the opportunities arise.

Of course, such training can be scheduled in advance, facilitating a full winter training schedule to prepare pre-solo pilots for a head start on the upcoming season.

Training no longer needs to take place in a fixed location: The availability of video conferencing services makes it possible to schedule simulator based training over an internet connection. The student flies the exercises in Condor while the instructor reviews and guides their performance in real time from their own home. Shared use of the lessons provided by glidingschool.com ensure the students are working from a known briefing and flying the same exercises as at the club, and with which the instructor is already familiar.

So now even instructors who cannot attend the club can continue to teach in a very meaningful way. And pilots who have had a long lay-off can refresh their skills, and be reviewed by their instructors before they even get to the club!

We all know that, like elephants, instructors never forget. But if they were to think they might, during a long winter perhaps, the lessons and exercises at glidingschool.com provide a great way to refresh the patter, with or without a simulator.