Gliding Lessons

Online and Simulator

Lessons are available here for use online. They can also be downloaded for use within the Condor Soaring Simulator.

Online Lessons

Lessons are listed below, along with links to their online briefings and flight demonstration videos.

Condor Simulator Lessons

Visit the downloads page to request lessons you can add to Condor’s Flight School. The lessons include the briefing, flight demonstration and exercise for practise and assessment. The Condor Soaring Simulator is a pre-requisite for these.




Effect of Controls

Turns and Straight Flight


Launch by Winch



Launch by Aerotow




Using the Lessons in Real Life

Using the Lessons in Condor

Lookout and Scan Cycle

Visual References and the Clockface

Who Has Control

Effect of Controls

Effect of Controls – Elevator

Effect of Controls – Ailerons

Effect of Controls – Rudder

Secondary Effect of Ailerons

Secondary Effect of Rudder

Turns and Straight Flight

Coordinated Rolling

Airspeed Monitoring

Use of the Trimmer

Turning Using All Three Controls

The Straight Glide

The Straight Glide – Crosswind

The Straight Glide – Crosswind and Turbulence


Slow Flight and Stalls

Stalls in Steep Turns

Stall in Climbing Attitude


Launch by Winch

Winch Launch

Winch Launch Crosswind

Winch Launch Failure – Introduction

Winch Launch Failure – Ahead (Obvious)

Winch Launch Failure – Ahead (Tight)

Winch Launch Failure – Turn and Land

Winch Launch Failure – Turn and Go

Winch Launch Failure – Very Low

Winch Launch Failure – Very Very Low

Winch Launch Failure – Ground Run


Circuits – Normal

Circuits – Out of Position Zig Zag

Circuits – Out of Position Upwind, Land Downwind

Circuits – Out of Position Upwind, Land Upwind

Circuits – Out of Position, Change Landing Area

Circuits – Out of Position Downwind


Effect of Controls – Airbrakes

Approach Control

Undershoot Control

Overshoot Control


Landing Crosswind

Launch by Aerotow

Under Development.

Advanced and Other

Field Landing (Early Draft)

Circuits – Out of Position Upwind, Field Landing

More to follow…


Contact to submit your suggestions for additions, enhancements and corrections, and especially if you have add-ons to the Condor Flight School that you’d like to share.